AF1 Thick Rope Laces


  • Customize your AF1 sneakers with our chunky 8mm rope laces.
  • The price is per pair (two laces – one for each shoe).
  • Available in Black, Off-White, Royal Blue or Rose Pink.
    Available in lengths of 100cm , 120cm, 140cm or 160cm.
  • Hole punch also available – this enlarges the lace holes on your sneakers to that the thick laces can be easily fitted (the hole punch is only to be used with adult supervision. We accept no liability for injury or damage caused by the use of this product).


  • AF1s not included.  Sneakers shown for illustrative purposes only.
  • Sneaker custom AF1 lace accessories.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Martins
They are soo good

It’s better to buy the ropes with the punch. The punch seems hard at first but once you get the hang off it, it’s easy to use. I’ve just finished putting my ropes in my laces and they look so so good!!